About Khoa-Nathan Ngo

Although only nineteen years old, Khoa-Nathan Ngo has a already made a mark on the non-profit sector.

Ngo always knew he wanted to help people who were less fortunate than he. Khoa-Nathan found a way to do just that through his advocacy work. Ngo works to support child abuse victims, victims of API (Asian-Pacific Islander) hate, and much more. Ngo was inspired by Greta Thunberg to effect social change. While a student at Mission College, Ngo serves as the Community Advocate for South Bay Youth Changemakers, as well as the Engagement Director for Our Time to Act United. Both of these non-profits work for social justice and change. Ngo’s responsibilities include everything from managing the budget, to networking, to maintaining relations with partner organizations. To learn more, visit KhoaNathanNgo.net.

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